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Kids Magazines

Do you need to improve your child's reading comprehension? Do you need to expand your son or daughter's attention making him well-versed in several things? If so, pay attention here. Getting your child to read magazines is one of the best ways to boost his/her reading comprehension and his/her IQ.

Kids magazines cover a variety of topics. But the percentage of children reading such magazines has reduced significantly.

Kids live in a world full of distractions, constantly being exposed to things like computer games, t.v, etc. They barely find the time to read their class work. But it's vital that a person take the steps and develop a routine of regular reading with your child.

Take time to teach you children the love for books and reading, the sooner the better his/her brain evolves. By developing a healthy practice of reading, you do not only improve his reading comprehension but the truth is also improve his ability to recall. Don't be surprised if your kid begins to get top grades within 6 months of reading regularly.

Why a magazine versus a novel?

It's important to get the child to read a magazine first before he/she reads a novel. A magazine is actually a a variety of short worthwhile articles. A novel on the other hand is a big story.

There are chances of your child losing interest in the particular novel because he is unable to comprehend certain words and phrases. Apart from that, you won't really have the time to read an entire novel with your child if you are working.

Magazines are great for children full of know-how and information on present-day affairs. This improves your child's general knowledge and IQ. Additionally, there are chances regarding a magazine topic being discussed by the teacher in the child's class. Reading these magazines should help the child bring forth his best ideas on a given topic.

How to get your son or daughter to read a magazine?

Start your kids with a book and a topic that your child has a real affinity for. Even tho it's a general magazine or a magazine of an particular genre such as wildlife, plants, space, football, soccer, etc. I would recommend that you don't begin with a generic magazine such as reader's digest early on.

Magazines is a great way to develop a child's reading. It's easy to get your child to read magazines of a particular topic he/she has an interest in compared to an overall topic.

With that said, here are some tips to develop the reading habit in your child.

1. Spend half hour per day together with your child reading a specific magazine by the end of the day. Turn off the TV and try getting your child to read the magazine before dinner. The attention span of the child will lessen soon after dinner. Getting your child engaged when the magazine is all about a subject your son or daughter is genuinely enthusiastic about.

2. Ask your kids questions....... While reading a magazine together with your child, make sure that you just pose questions and have your son or daughter answer it. This can help improve his memory potential.

But never get annoyed or disappointed just because your child doesn't answer a particular question accurately. In time, he will be able to. To know more about Magazine Subscriptions and Business Magazine, visit us.


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